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Romantically Apocalyptic

Remember Alexiuss? ( adventure that never seems to end - Part III )
Well, he has started his new art project called Romantically Apocalyptic. It's a webcomic. Very funny one, too!
I am a devoted follower (of zee Captain)!

- INFO -

I am captain.
The year is 20__ something something.
I stopped counting a while ago, and therefore not sure what day it is.
Humanity is virtually wiped out in a nuclear holocaust.
Me and my last squad: pilot, sniper and engineer, live in the wasteland ruins of tomorrow.
This is my story.
I am captain.


Is he just damn lucky? Is he a real captain of a squad?
He is powered by imagination, he is greedy, arrogant, selfish, dumb at times... he's a kid at heart. He's similar to "the warden" character from "Superjail" series.

He encountered captain in the wasteland, having lost all hope in humanity.
The captain is now his only friend.
Sniper is a "Dr Watson" to Captain's "sherlock Holmes". He's the realist as opposed captain's imagination, and is often tied into captain's shenanigans against his own will. He's the "smart" character in the series from our perspectives, but his realistic view of the world smarts don't help him in any way as he doesn't have the captain's luck on his side... only mostly nearby him.
He's the intelligent, kind, yet highly unlucky character in the series. He questions the captain's motives, but still follows him, having no belief in anything else.

Engineer doesn't really care about stuff. He just wants to get something out of everything.
He knows of several reasons as to why the world ended.

He sticks with the captain and follows him around, because he believes that the captain is a lucky charm that will protect him against certain DOOM.
He's the witty, devious character in the series.
He's filled with sarcasm.

Pilot believes whatever the Captain tells him.
Pilot is a kid at heart, even worse than the Captain. He supports any and all of Captain's shenanigans, because he truly loves the Captain as one would love... god, teacher, and bestest friend.
He flew the captain once on his plane during a mission, and stuck to him ever since believing the Captain to be "The messiah".
Often he goes off on completely senseless missions sent by the captain.
He's the captain's absolute supporter. The avid listener to his stories. The devout follower of the captain's commands.
He's stupid and kind-hearted... dumb blonde complex.

Zee Captain commands you to FOLLOW!!!

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